Cat-eye makeup tutorial



1. Once you’re done applying natural pastel eyeshadow, use a well sharpened soft brown pencil to draw your cat-eye. Leave just a little bit of space between the inner corner of your eye and the beginning of the line. Draw a line from that point to the middle of your lower eyelid.

2. You will need a small flat brush. Hold it at a 90 degree angle to your eye and blend the cat-eye towards the end of your brow and along the lash line to the inner corner of your eye. This step allows you to modify the length and angle of your cat-eye.

cat eye
cat eye

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3. Blend the bottom edges of the line. Draw a line along the upper lash line perpendicular to the lower line. There will be some clear space in the corner, which will make your eye visually bigger.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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