Can You Buy Love


In the past, people used to marry only people from their rank. Nowadays, it is not a rule, but it is a quite common phenomenon.
However, when a woman/man has a different social status, we start asking whether he/she is in the relationship only because of the money. Nowadays, love is often a balance between what you give and what you get. This principle applies to all sorts of love.
As sacred as a parent’s love may seem, it is often considered as an investment of time, and after that, dividends are expected in the form of filial care. Considered in the context of exchange, it is natural that love is related to the universal exchange value – money.
The majority of parents who do not find time for their children are willing to “buy” their love with expensive gifts, aren’t they?
“I will love you if you accept my conditions.”

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The young child understands that his mom or dad will not love them if they don’t behave, so at a later age, the young man knows that in order to be loved by his partners, he must meet certain requirements.
The humanistic understanding that every person is worthy of love because they’re unique sounds romantic and abstract in our reality. This affects sexual love. In today’s culture, the access to sexual benefits offered by the woman is in direct proportion to the physical capabilities of the man.


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