Beauty Secrets of Irina Shayk


Like many Western celebrities, Irina puts natural coconut oil above all other means of care. It gives shine to the face, perfectly moisturizes it and protects against infections. In addition, every morning the model takes cold showers, wipes the face with ice cubes and practices cucumber masks: “I learned this trick from my mother: she didn’t have money to buy expensive creams, so she got by with “handy” means.”

Despite natural thinness, in terms of business, model Irina has to follow a diet and actively participate in sports. The model starts each morning with a run, does boxing and Pilates three or four times a week. As for diet, Shayk admits that she hates limitations in food: “I don’t believe in diet, I eat almost everything, but, of course, try to limit harmful foods. For example, I replace coffee with green celery and parsley juice.”….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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