Beautiful Chocolate Makeup


Step 1: Apply foundation and don’t forget about concealer under the lower eyelid. Line the upper eyelid with black eyeliner and go over the line again with a small flat brush. Lift the lid with your finger, gently blend the color and apply it carefully to the lash line. Tip: make sure to curl lashes BEFORE applying makeup.

Step 2: Highlight the pencil outline with an ebony black or a dark brown (just blend with the ring finger right onto the eyebrows). The tone should gradually blend into your natural tone.

Chocolate Makeup
Chocolate Makeup

Image Source: weheartit

Step 3: Apply a transparent powder on top of the main tone to lock in the color. Tip: never use concealer on the upper eyelid as a base for shade and pencil, as it will conceal the color and is little help in blending it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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