A Busy Woman’s Eyelash Curler Makeup Trick


Perhaps you hit the snooze alarm too many times or your child lost their homework and had you running around looking for in the morning before work. No matter what the reason, women can be delayed and hurried in the morning and may not have time for their usual makeup regimen. If you do not want to sacrifice your style and appearance on busy mornings, take a look at this helpful eyelash curler makeup check that can cut your eye makeup application time in half.

Makeup Trick
Makeup Trick

Image Source: alldaychic

Grab your eyelash curler and your favorite eye liner pencil. As shown in the picture, use the eyelash pencil to draw a thick line on the inner part of the metal curler. Make sure there is enough liner present to transfer to your eyelid when you use the device.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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