A Beginner’s Guide to Waxing

Eight Beginner Tips for Successful Waxing

1. Take an anti-inflammatory or pain pill such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen before the waxing procedure to minimize some of the discomfort and irritation.
2. Exfoliate the skin you intend to wax one day before the procedure.
3. Avoid lotions, moisturizers and sunscreens on the skin to be waxed.
4. You can wait 2 to 4 weeks between waxing procedures depending on the rate of your hair growth.
5. Avoid exfoliating scrubs or cleansers up to 48 hours after skin has been waxed.
6. Avoid sun exposure on newly waxed skin.
7. Allow the skin to rest for a day before exfoliating to help avoid unsightly bumps forming after the waxing procedure.
8. Do not shower directly after waxing. Wait at least two hours for the skin to relax.


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