The distinctive features of female friendship
Female friendship includes everything that unites: general tastes, interests, goals, dreams, aspirations, etc. But universal values are mandatory as well: love, trust, loyalty and commitment. Here are seven qualities which will distinguish a good and true friend from the false:

1. She is sincere in her external manifestations of friendship to you
The typical manifestation of friendship is a woman’s spontaneous hug and a kiss at meetings no matter how frequent they are. But the fact is that in Europe, especially in the south for example, frequent hugs from not so close friends are common, but there is no guarantee of sincerity and warm feelings.


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2. Able to listen
Expression of respect and friendship is the ability of the other person to make she sure really listens to you, understands and is committed to your problems.

3. Good intentions in her interest of everyday care and, of course, your success
A sincere friend likes the changes and successes in your life. She will in never intrude rudely and unscrupulously into your most intimate and private space. She is sympathetic and enjoys your every accomplishment and victory with you heartily.

4. Open to you
She openly and confidently tells you her plans and dreams. She talks openly about her weaknesses, difficulties and negatives which she finds in her own nature. She shares her intimate experiences and seeks your advice.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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