7 of the Best Styles for Oval Faces

4. Go with Bold Colors

It does not matter what face shape you have, bright colors can add a fun and quick style update to anyone’s look. Be sure that you color choice enhances your skin tone. If you do not want to get a head full of bold colors, you can always color a swatch of hair instead. Why not try red, pink, blue, or purple? Wash out hair color is a fun tool to use when you are looking for something new.

5. Add Textured Layers

Since your oval face gives you so many options, texture and layers can look beautiful. It is a good idea to avoid having hair that is one-length because it will drag your face down. Layers will lift your face and enhance your features. Stylists can add layers in subtle ways so you do not have to worry about growing them out if you do not like them.

6. Try Some Hair Fusion

In the world of culinary arts, fusion food mixes two or more different types of cuisine. You can try some fusion with your hairstyle by mixing different looks. Maybe you choose a pixie, but you add a pink swatch of hair in the front of your hair. Maybe you go for a layered bob. Be fearless and go with your gut and remember that you hair will always grow back.

7. Curly Sue

Curls enhance the oval face better than any other hairstyle. Once you get the cut, add some curls for a little more style and substance. Mix up the sizes of the curls for variety and extra style to make your look professional, funky, sporty, or fresh.

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