Do you like wearing bright lipstick? Find out how to get a perfect look!

1. Red lips require flawless skin tone to pull off, so opt for a foundation and a concealer.

Makeup According to Your Skin Color

2. If your lips have a naturally beautiful shape, you won’t need a contouring pencil.

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3. If you want to make large lips slightly smaller, use this easy trick: apply lipstick in the center area between your lips, then blend outward. If your lower lip is much bigger than your upper lip, use a contouring pencil on your upper lip only. If you want to choose two different shades, use a darker shade on your upper lip, and a lighter tone on your lower lip.
4. Lip gloss with sparkly micro-particles is an ideal choice if you want to visually plump up thin lips. Better yet, apply lip gloss over a wax-based lip balm.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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