7 Haircare Mistakes that Lead to Split Ends



1. Using the wrong brush
The bristles can’t be too sharp or harsh. To test your brush, stroke the bristles with your palm. Brushes with natural bristles are the ideal solution, unfortunately, they’re not as effective.

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2. Frequent hairstyle changes
A true fashionista knows how to pull off various styles. But there’s no need to chase every trend you hear about – you’ll end up having to constantly change your hairstyle and hair color to fit whatever is “in”. Blow drying, curling, and dying your hair all cause negative effects.

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2. Treatment overkill
Do you use a shampoo, a hair balm for damaged hair, do a hair mask three times a week, style your hair with mousse and finish off with some hairspray? It’s no surprise your hair looks lifeless. Shampoos and balms contain ingredients that make your hair heavier, besides, your products might contradict one another. For example, a volumizing mousse and a shampoo designed to make your hair smoother and less fizzy. If you use a nourishing balm regularly, there’s no need to do masks and other treatments more than once a week, besides, don’t forget to cleanse your hair from the build up leftover by all the hair products you use by using a regular neutral shampoo.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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