4. Good friend from of opposite sex: While many of us believe that friendship between a man and woman is impossible, there are dozens or even thousands of cases that prove this wrong. He can give you tips and help with your relationships.

5. Someone who keeps you grounded: We often fly in the clouds and act meanly, believing that this is the right way. In all of these moments, the assistance of someone who is not afraid to tell us in the eye that we are wrong is priceless. This is also a motivation to get better and move forward but not at the cost of others’ misfortune.

6. Professional soul mate: This person is very important for anyone determined to advance in their career. To meet the perfect partner in love is hard, but to meet the perfect partner in the business is tremendous luck! Find someone who shares your ambitions and, most of all, who does not consider you a windbag whose failure is inevitable.


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