Environment is a very important part of our happiness, ambition, motivation, self-improvement and success. There are women who believe that to meet true love is enough for normal, intimate, social and any developments. But besides the perfect partner, psychologists believe that there are several important people that each of us should have in our lives.

1. Role model: It is great to have someone you admire and from whom you want to take the positive features in the way of your personal development. It is best if this is a person that succeeded in the area in which you want to develop or just a good and wise person who knows how to get along with others and helps in trouble.

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2. Someone who encourages you: There are people who know how to motivate and inspire your courage without causing irritation or distrust. You need one of them in your life.

3. Iron shoulder: It’s really wonderful to have a person in whose support and assistance you are 100% sure. You know you can call him at any time of the day, and he will come in minutes. Unfortunately, such people nowadays are very rare, so if you find one, keep him at all costs! ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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