6 Quick Fixes for Office Beauty Disasters


So you get to the office and everything is great. You’re confident, in charge, in control.



Simple Elegance: Style a Beautiful Bun

Then something happens. You snag a nail on your clothes, you catch a look at yourself in a mirror, a coworker gives you a look. You realize something is off, to say the least. Don’t panic. Here is a list of the most common office beauty blunders and their fast and easy fixes.

Office Beauty
Office Beauty

Office Beauty

1. Wet Hair – No Time to Dry It
You don’t hear your alarm and have just enough time for a quick shower- but no blow dry. What to do? This one’s easy. Just pin your hair up into a cute bun. If you haven’t mastered the art of pins, there are plenty of small, easily concealed devices in the hair accessory aisle- but in a bind, a few bobby pins will do the trick.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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