6 Curly Haircare Rules


1. Don’t over-wash your hair.
Always make sure not to over-dry your scalp by washing your hair too often. Use shampoo designed for your hair type, and always apply with gentle motions, and only to roots. The tips will be treated when you wash it off.

Curly Haircare
Curly Haircare

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2. Take a break from heat styling.
Curly hair is much more vulnerable than straight hair, and dry air can cause even more damage. Steer clear of hairdryer at least during the weekends, and use thermal protectants the rest of the time.

3. Use hair styling products the right way.
Any product should be applied to mostly dry, only slightly wet hair. Squeeze out a small amount of hair mousse or hair foam for curly hair into your palm, then apply to tips, moving up to your roots.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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