5 Worst Makeup Mistakes


1 Two accent
The first and most common mistake is making just two bright accents on the face. In order for the make-up to look organically, the accent should be placed either on the eyes or the lips (the eyes are almost without make-up).

2 The effect of sunburn
The color foundation cream should match the color of the skin. Many people choose a tone darker than the face skin color, wanting to achieve the sunburn effect. In fact, bronzer (dark tone) should be applied not to the entire face, but only on the prominent cheekbones, chin and forehead near the beginning of the hair.

3 Difficult eye makeups
Do not make complicated makeups, a large number of color, complex transitions from color to color. You have no chance of achieving a beautiful effect, if you are not a professional. It is better to give preference to eye make-ups, made in the shades of the same color, for example, in lilac-purple or beige and brown colors.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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