5 Lies Every Wife Tells

“I do not want anything for our anniversary!”

On the contrary, women love to evoke the imagination of men. They like to be surprised. Another issue is that men often believe these words and do not buy anything for their wives. Big mistake! This statement always means the opposite: “Do not forget our anniversary and try to surprise me.” Now, ladies, do not be offended, but you cannot deny that you love to be spoiled. Who does not?

“I don’t want to have children!”

In most cases, this is not true. Most women want to have children, but they don’t want to scare the man, so they tend to tell this little lie.

“I would not change anything about you!”

Another lie! It is in the nature of women to want to shape the man in their own image and likeness! This way, we express concern and manifest affection. But we are sure that there is no woman who does not want to change at least one thing about her husband.



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