5 Lies Every Wife Tells


In a marriage, sometimes we have to tell some little lies. Whether it is unintentional or not, we often lie to our partner. It turns out that many married couples “cheat” day for all sorts of trifles. An interesting fact that women tend to tell many lies about minor things but actually tend to keep deep secrets!

Ladies, watch out! Nobody likes to be lied to, even for minor things, and if it is systematic it, it may lead to a drop in trust and a deterioration of relations.

Lies Every Wife Tells
Lies Every Wife Tells

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“This dress was on sale!”

Men hate spending extra money on expensive rags, bags and shoes. In the mind of a woman, buying on sale means saving money, but in the mind of a man, another dress is unnecessarily spent money! When something suits them and they want to have it, women tend to downplay its price, but when a man wants to buy a new set of knives or fishing gear, things become scary. You just have to learn to show tolerance to the wishes of the other.

“I’ve only slept with two people, and you’re one of them!”

Most women tend to reduce the number of men with whom they have slept. Misplaced stereotypes about how many partners the woman should have had before they get married cause discomfort for many of them and, hence, the desire to deceive. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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