5 Lessons about Love from Happy Couples

Wrinkles do not matter when emotions do not age
Aging is inevitable, but whether you will stay young at heart and soul depends only on you. Keep the thrills and surprises, be spontaneous and unpredictable, and be fun, because you are never too old for these emotions.
Do not try to change two things – the past and your partner
There are two things that you definitely cannot change: past and your partner. So focus on the things today that could affect your future. Do not think that you can change your loved one. If you like him the way he is – great; if not – it is better not to try to change him, but to perceive him with all his pros and cons.
Bad times pass, the good times come back

“The main lesson we should learn from happy couples is that bad times pass, and the best always come back.” – Catherine Johnson. In a relationship, good and bad times go hand in hand. It is more important that in both cases, we have someone to share the joys and woes of life with.


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