5 Golden Rules to Help your Hair Grow Faster


1. If you get split ends, it’s important to trim 2-3mm of your hair once every two or three months. Only then can your hair grow out while still looking decent.
Make sure the hairdresser knows how much you want to trim and doesn’t overdo it. Better yet, do it yourself. Twist each lock into a spiral, then use scissors to cut off split ends.

Hair Grow
Hair Grow


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2. Have hair lamination done if possible. Bio lamination will prevent your hair from getting damaged. You will get split ends less often, and reduce breakage.
Hot scissors haircut can provide an effective solution. During the procedure, your hair tips will be “sealed”, preventing them from splitting. Hot scissors haircut is especially beneficial early on, while your hair isn’t growing very fast. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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