3 How to use a concealer?

A concealer is always applied to powder, but on top of the foundation. To hide the bruises under the eyes, tilt your head down a bit when applied to – to be able to see better the line of circles under the eyes, and a very thin layer concealer blend along the contour of the eyeball. The concealer-highlighter with light reflecting micro-pearl particles is applied as follows: under the eyebrows, the inner corners of the eyes and on the upper area of the cheekbones. To shade corrective meansit is better to use fingertips, brushes or a special sponge. When applying, try not to stretch the skin too much, finger movement should be patting and very gentle. The concealer can also cover the eyelids to brighten this khon and give freshness to the look.

4 How to visually enlarge the eyes, without using shadows?

Use a light shade pencil or an inner eyeliner. It is better if it is not pure white tone, but, for example, beige or ivory. White color is too contrasty by nature and everyday makeup will look bright and unnatural, this color is good for the stage or in conjunction with light shadows.


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