The thirtieth year for many women is a turning point, the moment when you realize fully that the time will not go back and a magical anti-wrinkle cream does not exist. A lot of women share that after they turn this age, they experience the happiest moments in life. And here is what it is advisable to stop doing after 30 years.

1. Treating your body like you’re 18
2. Being ashamed when someone gives you a compliment
3. Don’t be afraid to emphasize your own individual style.
4. Waiting for him to make the first step
5. Stop being irresponsible with the sun.
6. Counting calories at every meal
7. Buying clothes one size smaller because you’re sure that the latest diet will give real effects
8. Don’t choose friends based on appearance.
9. Not keeping your promises
10. Eating fast food
11. Cursing
12. Dating “bad boys”
13. Avoid sleeping less than 7-8 hours a day.
14. Wearing uncomfortable shoes
15. Ignoring family….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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