12 Super Easy DIY Beauty Tricks

1. Lasting scent
Do you want your favorite perfume to last all day? Apply some unscented moisturizer to your body, then use perfume on the area. It evaporates faster if your skin is dry, so adding hydration will “stick” the scent to your skin, allowing it to remain strong throughout the day.

2. Non-gooey gloss
To avoid your lips feeling overly sticky, apply a small amount of gloss to the middle of your upper and lower lip. Use fingertips to pat your lips, spreading the gloss all over. Enjoy your seductive, natural look! And don’t forget – taking care of your lips is an important part of your daily beauty routine.



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3. Curling lashes
If you often use eyelash curler in the morning, you might have noticed your lashes straighten back out by lunch time. Prolong the effect by warming up your eyelash curler with a stream of warm air using a hair dryer!

Curling lashes
Curling lashes
Image Source: makeuptips-blog

4. Subtle tan
You don’t have to smother yourself in fake tan, or, god forbid, end up looking like a jersey shore girl, to get that subtle sexy dark glow to your skin. Get spray tan and, using a sponge, apply small amounts of the product to the areas of your face and body that are most exposed to the sun (like temples, cheekbones, and chin).

5. Silky smooth legs
Does the skin on your legs still feel rough and needly after shaving? It could be due to that long shower or bath. Water can soften the hair on your legs, but prolonged exposure will make your skin slightly swell up, hiding extra hair and making the shave less effective.

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6. Youthful skin
Doing a skin peel can remove dead skin cells and excess build up, but morning isn’t the best time for the procedure. Wait till nighttime – that way your newly exfoliated, vulnerable skin won’t be subjected to harmful UV light, and can absorb nourishing night cream much better.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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