10 Tips for a seductive look



Your eyes are the windows to your soul – they have the power to drive any man mad. All you need is a flawless look – check out all the tips below!

1. Carefully filled in brows will make your eyes look more expressive. Remember – thick eyebrows will make your face look young and fresh, while overly thin ones can make you look older.

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How to choose the right eyeshadow for your eye color



2. To visually open up your eyes, use an eyelash curler and lengthening mascara. First, curl your lashes, then apply mascara to your eyelashes with short, zigzag strokes from roots to tips.
3. Try applying neutral shades of eyeshadow to the area slightly above your upper eyelid fold – this will make your eyes look deeper.
4. For a fresh and open look, get a while eye pencil. Use it to contour your lower eyelid.

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seductive look

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5. Cover up dark under eye circles using a concealer. Apply a very thin layer using a flat brush. Don’t use it all over your face – only the darker areas.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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