10 Beauty Rules You Should Break

5 – Always have perfect narrow brows. Fuller, more natural looking eyebrows are coming in style again, especially among those women who wish to look more youthful. Do not over pluck your eyebrows into thin pencil lines.

6 – Stick with warm or cool tones for all your clothing and makeup. While it is true that women with different colorations often look better in either warm or cool tones, dressing from a limited palette is not the only way to achieve your maximum beauty. It is perfectly acceptable to mix warm toned clothing with cool toned accents or vice a versa.

7 – Keep your lower eyelashes bare. The general idea these days is that heavy eyeliner and mascara on the bottom lashes and lid can actually make your eyes look smaller and cause you to look older or out of date. This type of rule is extremely situational. Many elegant, evening eye makeup styles definitely use lower lid makeup. For everyday use, it can also be preferred. Women need to try out different looks on their own and figure out what works for them.

8 – A redhead? No red lipstick for you. It is possible to choose the correct tone of red lipstick that will not clash with your hair if you are a redhead. In truth, there is a perfect red lipstick for every woman.

9 – Applied layers of the same scent. It is not necessary to buy body wash, shampoo, hand lotion, body lotion, perfume and powder that all smell like lilacs or vanilla or musk in order to have long-lasting scent.

10 – Fair-haired women should wear light mascara. While brown or other lighter tones of mascara can give a more natural look on a blonde haired woman, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using black to accentuate their eyes.


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