10 Beauty Rules You Should Break


Magazines, fashion blogs and your mother have all giving you various beauty rules they insist you should never break if you want to look your very best. Where these rules came from originally, no one knows. Some are so silly that it doesn’t make any sense to follow them at all. While there are still good guidelines about how to dress, style your hair and apply makeup, the following 10 beauty rules can be safely forgotten. Follow too many rules, after all, and your own personal style cannot shine through.

Beauty Rules
Beauty Rules

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Break these at 10 beauty rules without fear:

1 – Eyes or lips? Never focus on both! Take a look at any fashion magazine, celebrity or beautiful woman who uses makeup, and you will see that many times both the eyes and the lips stand out.

2 – Always match your lipstick to your nail polish. Also match your shoes to your belt and your handbag. These fashion rules went out of style many years ago. You end up looking like you’re wearing the uniform rather than stylish outfit. While colors should complement each other, everything matching in the same exact color looks passé.

3 – Never let them see your roots. These days, ombre and variegated hair colors are in style and even roots can be shown with pride. While mismatched hair roots meant you weren’t keeping up with your beauty regimen in years past, these days they can actually be an accent.

4 – Do not tweeze your eyebrows from the top down. This is one of those rules that doesn’t make much sense at all. While most women concentrate on tweezing below their eyebrows in order to create a wider eyed look, if you have errant hairs above the brow, by all means remove them too.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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