10 Basic rules for healthy hair


1. Use your shampoo’s IQ
Are you lost trying to find the right shampoo among the wide selection of products available on the shelves? Choose those marked “gentle”, as they fit any hair type and are suitable for everyday use. Look for shampoo that contains glycerin (helps fight dry, brittle hair), hyaluronic acid (intense hydration), and proteins (strengthens weakened hair).

2. Use cleansing shampoo once a week
This is to get rid of build up left by hair styling products. You can also make this product yourself – mix 1 bowl of apple cider vinegar with 1 litre of water, massage into wet hair, then rinse.

healthy hair
healthy hair

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3. Protect your hair from chlorine
Chlorine is very drying, especially if you dye your hair regularly. A swim cap is an ideal solution, but if that’s not an option, apply some hair conditioner to your hair and make a ponytail before swimming. After swimming, rinse your hair with water.

4. Treat wet hair gently
Your hair may be hard to untangle, but if you apply a lot of force when using a brush, you can easily damage cuticles (outer protective layer), and potentially end up with weakened hair and split ends. Same goes for drying wet hair with a towel – instead, try to pat it dry.

5. Trim your hair before you get split ends
To keep your hair tips in perfect condition, trim them once a month (at least 5mm) and apply extra conditioner. Additionally, you can treat your hair tips with leave-in conditioner.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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