Choosing the Ideal Hair Color for You


Depending on the current color of your hair, changing your hair color can be easy or challenging. Darkening bright colors is a breeze yet it can be challenging to lighten dark colors, especially if you have dyed your hair black. Black is a color that usually causes damage when it is being removed. Therefore, before you dye your hair you need to make sure it is the ideal hair color for you.

Ideal Hair Color
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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Hair Color
The Color of Your Skin
• White Skin – Avoid going with dark colors because you will become pale or ill looking in appearance. Instead, go with light blonde or medium blonde shades.

Fast and Beautiful Wet Hair Styling

• Medium Skin – Your options are limitless. You can go with dark or light shades and you will look stunning.
• Dark Skin – Stick with brown, red, and black shades.
The Color of Your Eyes
The most important thing to consider when changing hair colors is your skin. However, eyes are high on the list too because the correct hair color can help your eyes stand out more. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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